Appendix C

The Pronouns



Subject             Object              Direct               Indirect            Reflexive          Compound*         To mean

pronouns          stressed            object               object               pronouns          pronouns              “self”


   io                   me                    mi                     mi                     mi                     me                    me stessa   -o

   tu                   te                      ti                       ti                       ti                       te                      te stessa   -o

   lei                  lei                     la                      le                      si                       glie                   sé stessa

   lui                  lui                     lo                      gli                     si                       glie                   sé stesso

   noi                 noi                    ci                      ci                      ci                      ce                      noi stesse   -i

   voi                 voi                    vi                      vi                      vi                     ve                      voi stesse   -i

   loro                loro                   le, li                  gli                     si                      glie                   sé stesse   -i



*When combined with the pronouns la, le, lo or li, these forms are placed first.   For example, "Who bought me it?" is rendered as "Chi melo comprava?" (in this case, the word lo refers to a singular masculine item).


The sentence "Who gave us them?" would be translated as "Chi cele dava?" (in this case, the pronoun le refers to a feminine plural item).


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