Chapter 21 -- Getting to Know You

The Italian language uses two verbs to express the idea of knowing, conoscereand sapere.  They are used to convey two senses of knowing things.

            1. the verb conosceremeans to be familiar with a person or place, to be well known, or to understand             things in a general sense, or to recognize someone or something.  It is also used when greeting an
            individual, as in the expression “It is a pleasure to meet you.” (Piacere conoscerla)

                        I know his family.                                           Io conọsco sua famiglia.

                        Are you familiar with Italy?                           ConọsciItalia?

                        I have known her for years.                            La conọsco da anni.

                        Consọsci un ristorante simpạtico?                   Do you know a nice restaurant?

                        ConọbbeLuigi ieri?                                        Did you meet Louis yesterday?

                        Conọsco le gioie della vita.                             I know the joys of life.

                        Conọsco la funziọne della mạcchina.             I am familiar the function of the machine.

                        Piacere conoscerla.                                          It is a pleasure to meet you.

                        Lo conọbbiall’andatura.                                 I recognized him by his walk.

                        Lui conọsce il sistema.                                    He is familiar with the system.

            2. the verb saperemeans to know facts, information, procedures, or methods.

                        Io so il mio proprio mestiere.                          I know my own job.

                        Lui saparlare l’italiano.                                  He knows how to speak Italian.

                        Everyone, you know, talks.                            Tutti, sai, parla.

                        Only God knows.                                           Sọlo Dio sa.

                        Sai che ora è?                                                  Do you know what time it is?

                        Sa la distanza dal mondo al sole?                   You know the distance from the earth to the sun?

In reference to knowing a language, both verbs are used, with saperebeing the preferred verb.