Chapter 23  --  Who, What, This, That


The translation of the English word who is done through the use of the Italian word chi.

            examples:        Chi è là?                                             Who is there?
                                    Chi telefonò?                                       Who telephoned?
                                    The man who entered was tall.           L’uomo chi entrò era alto.
                                    Chi cerca, trova.                                 He who searches, finds.
                                    Chi sọno quelle donne?                       Who are those women?

There some formal expressions which are used in place of chi.  These forms follow.
                colei che                                the English equivalent is She who
                colui che               the English equivalent is He who
                coloro che             the English equivalent is Those who
These expressions are reserved for formal occasions, and are generally not heard in ordinary conversation.

The translation of the English word whom is generally done through the use of the Italian word cùi.  The word cùi is almost always preceded by a preposition.
            examples:        La persona da cùi ricevei denaro.      The person from whom I received money.
                                    L’uomo di cùi parlavo.                       The man about whom I was talking.

When the word whose is the subject of a sentence, the translation is done through the expression di chi.
            examples:        Di chi casa è questa?                          Whose house is this?
                                    Di chi è la cọlpa?                                Whose fault is it?

When the word whose is used to indicate possession, the translation is done through the use of cùi.
            examples:        L'uomo il cùi fratello è alto.                The man whose brother is tall.
                                    La vacca  la cùi coda è lunga.            The cow whose tail is long.



The Italian word che is translated in different ways depending on its usage in a sentence.
            when it is used to mean what.
                        examples:        Cheora è?                              What time is it?
                                                Che cosa è questo?                 What is this?
                                                Chefai?                                   What are you doing?
                                                Chebei fiọri!                           What beautiful flowers!
            when it is used to mean that
                        examples:        L’acqua che è nella coppa.     The water that is in the glass.
                                                Il libro che comprai.               The book that I bought.
                                                L’ultima volta che ti vidi.        The last time that I saw you.
            when it is used to mean than
                        examples:        più fortuna che bravura          more luck than ability
                                                più che mai                             more than ever
                                                prima che tu creda                  sooner than you think